Yoga at JouleLife

We create a very personal tailor made Yoga experience at Joule Life. High quality teachers will nurture and guide you as your body, mind and soul are transformed in our beautiful environmentally sensitive, sunlit studio. Groups are small and personalised and beautiful energy is created week after week as you develop your Yoga practice.

Our classes are a balance between the ancient teachings and the needs and demands of people in modern life. The main focus is on yoga asanas, and integration of the movements with your breath, as you learn to still your mind.

Classes are run in a beautiful, studio conveniently located in Mosman, over a ten-week period. The benefits come from a regular and ongoing practice. A commitment to yoga at this level, is truly transformational to body, mind and soul.

Benefits of yoga

Yoga is amazing and boasts a long list of benefits. Practiced regularly it is a powerful and sophisticated discipline for achieving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Physical benefits include improved blood circulation, digestive system, and the massaging effect of surrounding muscles speeds up a sluggish digestion. Joints are moved through their full range of motion, encouraging mobility, flexibility and releasing muscle and joint tension. Many asanas (poses) improve strength and endurance.


What to bring

You are welcome to bring your own mat or use one of ours. All other equipment such as blankets, bolsters, eye pillows will be supplied.


  • Our group classes are run over a ten week period, coinciding with school terms. 
  • Bookings are essential and payment for the term is required in advance. 
  • Classes are $25 each. Ten week term is $250.

Terms & Conditions

Your classes cannot be carried over to another term however if you are unable to attend a class, you can invite a friend to take your place or attend a different class at a different time. We do not offer drop in classes as the benefit comes from a regular practice.

Change of schedule

We try not to but from time to time, our timetable or teachers are subject to change. CHECK OUR TIMETABLE FOR LATEST CLASS SCHEDULE 

Teachers and Coaches

aboutus-pics-jessJess Keys

My love affair with Yoga started many years ago and I realised early on that it was much more than just exercise.

The union of body, mind and breath was so powerful and I knew I had to take my love affair further. In 2012 I decided to become a Yoga teacher.

I've completeld over 550 hours of training and still feel like I'm still an apprentice. My greater joy from teaching is seeing my students leave class feeling connected and lighter than when they walked.

Yoga is truly extraordinary in its ability to transform people, taking them from anxious to calm, angry to happy, worrying to not having a worry in the world, all within the space of an hour. Practiced regularly, yoga will change your life.

aboutus-pics-mauriceMaurice Eberlein

Maurice is a free spirit, a passionate surfer and a devoted yogi. His classes are flowing, dynamic and elegantly sequenced to bring a glow to your cheeks and a smile to your spirit as he coaches you to find new ways to develop inner strength and resolve. Expect a workout to challenge you and keep you – and your body – vital and happy. If you’re lucky he’ll even chant at the end of your practice….Your smile will be as wide as the ocean as you leave feeling alive, relaxed and centred! He graduated from the prestigious Qi Hatha Yoga Diploma in 2005 and now teaches full time as he continues his studies in Ashtanga Vinyasa with the legendary Eileen Hall.

“Yoga is about teaching the mind to be still. It’s ok not to be flexible. With patience and discipline students discover and respect their own inner boundaries. Physical flexibility is an extra added bonus that will eventually happen with time.”

Maurice believes Yoga has made him a better listener and more compassionate. It has helped him to ‘let go’ and ‘live in the NOW’ and inspired him to always live with integrity and good intentions!

‘Maurice’s depth of knowledge and his natural spirituality and empathy make for a very special holistic yoga experience’   PF

aboutus-pics-julieJulie Dimond

Since becoming a certified Bikram Yoga teacher in 2003, Jules has gone on to complete Teacher Trainings at The Yoga Academy of Pune, India in 2004: MindBodyMoves Yoga for Kids in 2005; and the esteemed BodyMindLifeYoga in 2008.

It is Julie’s intention to instill passion, knowledge and lightheartedness into every class and to provide a safe, supportive environment in which everyone feels great about themselves. She invites her fellow adventurers to journey with courage, compassion and a healthy does of mischief towards themselves and their explorations on and off the mat. Jules loves the often only half quoted saying by George Bernard Shaw that “ Life wasn’t meant to be easy, my child, but take courage: it can be delightful! “ Hurrah!

‘Jules is an intuitive, gentle and inspiring yoga teacher’ KB


aboutus-pics-magdaMagda Posch

Magda’s teaching style is based on the ancient tradition of Viniyoga, which believes that yoga should be taught as a personal practice rather than a system. As such, Magda believes it is best taught in small groups.

Besides traditional yoga postures, Magda incorporates many of the other tools of yoga. Her integrated approach includes personal affirmations, focus, awareness of movement and stillness, gesture and most importantly various breathing techniques, with the Asana taught primarily in the Vinyasa style.

‘Magda is an inspiring and caring yoga teacher and I just love her classes’ EM


Private Classes

Private classes for Yoga are also available upon request. We have a number of excellent teachers to choose from and we will match your teacher to suit your personal preference. The price for a Private Yoga class starts at $120.


Corporate Yoga

We offer Corporate Wellness Programs. By establishing a weekly program of Yoga, at your place of work, your employees will increase their focus, creativity, productivity and lower sickness and absenteeism. Contact us for more information.