Meditation & Mindfulness

At Joule Life, we believe in the positive benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

They are wonderful ways to keep healthy in mind and body and once you learn how to practice mindfulness or meditation, you can do them both on your own, in your own home or office, it will cost you nothing and will change your life.

From time to time we run meditation courses. Watch our calendar for these courses. Meditation is also an aspect of our Yoga classes.

Julianne teaches mindfulness and mindfulness meditation, to all coaching clients to increase awareness over negative emotions and old habits getting in the way of success. We recommend ten minutes of mindful meditation twice a day. However even two minutes is worthwhile when you are getting started.

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Meditation is a method of allowing the conscious mind to come to a state of stillness and effortless. Stilling the mind creates a feeling of peace and happiness and when done correctly is a brilliant way to promote healing and vitality in the body. We create many problems for ourselves by spending too much time thinking and not enough time just being. Meditation is a way to free the mind from this cycle.

For many thousands of years people in cultures far and wide have understood the beauty and importance of meditation in one’s daily life. Modern scientists and health professionals also now understand the benefits which include increased happiness, healing in the body, eases aches and pains, helps overcome anxiety, feel emotionally subtle and balanced, improve your health and wellbeing, overcome negative events more easily, live without fear, focus your attention, have compassion for others, keep your mind sharp and aware.

Recent studies conducted in the workplace show that people who meditate regularly have improved focus, are more creative, have a greater ability to be empathetic managers and emotionally strategic in their ability to manage people in conflict or crisis – all the above improves productivity, company morale and success.

Other recent studies are also suggesting that meditation may slow the ageing process by lengthening the telomeres and strengthening the hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with memory. 

It’s time to start meditating!

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Mindfulness is awareness, cultivated by paying attention in a sustained and particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally. It is one of many forms of meditation. There are two ways to practice mindfulness –formally and informally. Formally means setting aside some time every day to do something mindfully, for example, meditating mindfully. Another example is walking mindfully. The informal way is to let the practice spill over into your every day life in an uncontrived and natural way.

There are many examples of being mindful in your everyday life. Notice your body language, which speaks volumes about you and sets your intention to both yourself and those around you. Another example is to watch the tone and language in your communications. Be mindful of the message you intend to send. At times your message may not match your intended outcome.

Mindfulness has become extremely popular in recent years as a healing tool but also as a tool for improving one’s performance in the workplace. Benefits range from a better sense of wellbeing to improved ability to remain task-focused to providing greater awareness of stress levels and being equipped to cope with stress.

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