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Joule Life Coaching - focused on success.

Joule Life Coaching will help your team develop clear intentions, positive relationships and an action plan to achieve success.  Trust, commitment, accountability, attention to results and healthy conflict, will be addressed, getting every member involved and headed in the same direction. This is the ultimate competitive advantage and  Joule Life Coaching can help your team achieve this.

What to expect

We begin our relationship with a forty five minute complimentary session either face to face or over the phone/Skype. A coach client relationship is very special and it’s important to establish rapport before the formal process begins.

Subsequent meetings will be held with the team leader and the group, to agree on goals and determine what is getting in the way of success. Every team member will have the opportunity to speak candidly, either in the group or one on one.

Follow up team meetings will be held to measure progress. How many  will depend on how dysfunctional the team is, at the outset. Often teams can be desperate for change and will respond very quickly. Sometimes problems are deeply ingrained and it takes longer for trust to be sustained. Our goal is to turn things around as quickly as possible to get results.

Our Success Formula

We introduce you to The Success Formula - Simply expressed, powerfully effective – your constant reminder of what it takes to be successful.



Success Stories

Team dynamics transformed through coaching

I was brought in to a large company to turn around a languishing team, which was not productive, having no commitment or accountability.

Joule Life Coaching has been part of a wonderful transformation amongst a team of creative and talented people who had lost their way. Within the team there is now a sense of trust, a strong desire to succeed, a focus away from personal needs to the needs and goals of the business. All team members were consulted and once they were given a voice and listened to, change quickly occurred.


"Julianne is excellent at what she does. She is highly perceptive and so can pick up on the issues quickly, with a desire to turn things around for success."

– JM

"Julianne is just so great at what she does and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts for her help, honesty, and determination to bring our family back together again. We are now happier than ever." 

– Name withheld

Heart broken family healed

A family came to me after they had been through significant turmoil. They were all hurting emotionally and some hearts had been broken. They all wanted their relationships to work out but needed some help to achieve this as there was resentment and lack of trust between family members. 

I met with all family members individually and listened to their story. Everyone has a story to tell and sometimes all people need is for someone to listen, without judgement and know that they are being heard.

After some meetings with individual team members, the team is now functioning better than ever. The underlying causes were identified and the necessary changes have been made to achieve a wonderful happy family dynamic.


What is the investment?

Our pricing is very reasonable, particularly if you choose to work with us on an ongoing basis, for the best outcome. We are generous with our time and resources and confident about achieving results. Investing in your personal development to achieve success will be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Successful people surround themselves with great people who truly support them. What better person than a coach to support you 100 percent of the time?

For people experiencing financial difficulties, we do our best to make our services affordable. 

aboutus-pics-julianneYour Coach

Julianne is the Founder of Joule Life. Julianne has been coaching since 2009, after completing her coaching training at The Coaching Institute, Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about helping her clients maximize their full potential, from stay-at-home mums to doctors who want to change the world. Long interested in what drives human success, Julianne has spent many years building up an extensive knowledge on this subject. Her quest to find the answers continues to this day.  

Julianne graduated from The University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, and went on to have a highly successful international career as a marketing executive with The Coca-Cola Company, working and living in Australia, North America, Japan and Hong Kong, but still considers raising her son, now 19, as a sole parent, her greatest success.

Living near the water, Julianne loves to walk her Hungarian Viszla dog ‘Woody’ every morning along the scenic path that runs from Mosman Bay to Cremorne Point. Weekends away are invariably spent at her holiday home, with her partner, at Mollymook Beach, the relaxed South Coast vibe a perfect setting to rejuvenate one’s soul. A devotee of yoga and pilates, Julianne loves laughter and authentic conversations with family and friends over good quality coffee, food and wine. Julianne has recently returned from a life-changing trip to Europe that has infected her once again with a travel bug.


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