Our Success Formula

Have you ever wondered how successful people turn dreams into reality, holding the power to understand, appreciate and enjoy, or as Thoreau put it, ‘to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life’?

We like to think that the answer lies in The Success Formula we apply with our clients every day, over and over again. Simply expressed, powerfully effective – your constant reminder of what it takes to be successful.


Q: Where Do I Start?

A: Your first BIG step means asking yourself ‘who am I’ and ‘what do I want to do’?

We each have a different idea of what it means to be successful. Success comes in many forms and can be measured in many different ways. We begin by helping you to identify exactly what you consider success to be. It is not about what society’s collective idea of success is, it’s about what you think it is. What does success mean for YOU?

This is the time to be bold and dare to dream!

Success may mean becoming a leader in your chosen field, perhaps to discover a drug that cures cancer. You may want to develop environmentally sustainable products, get married and raise four happy children and perhaps even climb Mount Everest one day? Whatever it is, you need to identify what success means to you. Be very specific. Visualize it, make a movie of it in your mind and connect with the positive feelings you will feel when you experience success. You need absolute clarity before we move forward.


Q: Ok, once I have clear intentions about what success means to me, then what?

A: The more positive energy the better!

You have an emotional state, or ‘energetic vibration’ that you typically operate at. The default level of your emotional state may be too low, and may explain why certain things have or haven’t happened to you, in your life. To be successful you need to increase this energetic vibration.

Science has shown that you are nothing more than a bundle of energy and your emotional state is an energy emitter and receiver.   Therefore the more positive your emotional state, or the higher your ‘energetic vibration’, the more likely you are to attract or be attracted to the things that are consistent with what you have defined as ‘success’.

It’s a bit like a car that is stuck in a certain gear. The car can’t accelerate and therefore gain further momentum, taking it longer to get to where it is going. We will show you how to boost your emotional state to a higher level, even if you think you are already in ‘top gear’.



Q: I understand the need to move to a higher emotional state, but don’t I also have to take action?

A: Yes, absolutely you need to take action and your higher emotional state will actually act as a catalyst that propels you to take this action.

With your higher emotional state we show you how to break out of your old habits. We help you to ‘chunk down’ your goals and document your progress, encouraging you to be honest to yourself about your progress. Because of your higher emotional state, you will find that your ‘action steps’ that guide you will get ticked off each day, effortlessly!


Q: That all sounds great, but aren’t there some things I just  can’t control?

A: Yes, there are things you can’t control, so you need to learn how to let these things go.

This final step is really a two-step. First, it’s about having the trust in yourself that you will reach your goals. It’s about overcoming the fear that things won’t work, never getting into a panic. The moment you start thinking about failure you start to function in a negative state. You need to learn to avoid falling into this habit.

Secondly, it’s about learning how to let go of the things you don’t control.

There are great forces at work in your everyday life causing things to happen to you. Life is far from being completely predictable, who would want it any other way? We give you the psychological tools to use, which allow you to accept and let go of the things you don’t control. Our mantra is that you should never try to control everything in life. It’s impossible!

It isn’t easy, but wouldn’t you like to be free from the negative state caused by the fear of failure and free of the stress and anxiety caused by worrying about things that you have no control over? You can if you choose to!



Q: What if The Success Formula doesn’t work?

A: It will work if you follow the formula

The thing is though, most people lack the discipline, or get stuck on autopilot running old programs that no longer work and probably never did! To overcome this, we recommend you get in shape mentally and physically and practice mindfulness mediation ten minutes a day.During these ten minutes, you will observe your mind and develop some control over it. With a regular practice of mindfulness meditation, your self-awareness will increase dramatically. You can learn to catch yourself going onto autopilot and reacting to things the way you have in the past. When you learn to do this, your life will be transformed.



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