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Whether you are aspiring to become CEO, change jobs or careers, start a new business, Joule Life Coaching can help you to achieve success. We will work together as you set clear intentions, align personal values with those of your business or organisation, develop an action plan and identify the beliefs and emotions required to make your dreams a reality.

We believe in a healthy mind and body, encouraging regular exercise and relaxation for greater productivity, clarity,  focus, creativity and compassion, giving you a competitive edge. We look at our clients as a whole, knowing that personal relationships and financial health are also important for success. We will address any weak areas.

With your coach on your team, and together doing some work on any false beliefs and perceptions about yourself and others, your life will be transformed. You will have greater confidence, self belief, authenticity, transparency, clarity and self awareness. Your leadership and communication skills will improve and you will become a person of positive energy and influence .

Successful people surround themselves with great people and almost all successful people have a coach. Call 9960 1119 NOW to book your complimentary session.

What to expect

We begin our relationship with a forty five minute complimentary session either face to face or over the phone/Skype. A coach client relationship is very special and it’s important to establish rapport before the formal process begins.

From here we will meet once a week, face to face or phone/Skype for a minimum of six weeks. At the end of our first session you will be given some exercises to do. In the next five weeks  you will define your intentions, core values and an action plan. From here we can continue to work together to execute your plans and live your dreams.

Our Success Formula

We introduce you to The Success Formula - Simply expressed, powerfully effective – your constant reminder of what it takes to be successful.



Success Stories

Rising star on the rise again

My client was a high achiever at middle management level with a lot of potential, getting bogged down by negative thinking about herself and others in her organisation. She was working in a corporate culture, which wasn’t in alignment with her core values. She came to me, mentally exhausted and unhappy.

We began by defining success and who she she wanted to be. We all have a choice and are not stuck with the baggage from our past. Gradually she let go of her false and self limiting beliefs and started to live in alignment with her authentic self.

As she gained confidence and clarity, she realised she did not belong in a frenetic environment with constantly moving goalposts. Together we worked on her CV. She defined her ideal job and the person she wanted to be, visualizing herself in her new job,  connecting with the feeling of happiness this would lead to.

Such is the power when everything is aligned. Within weeks my client landed her ideal job and is now working every day on bringing her new self to work.


"Thank you so much you are so amazing. You would have been such a great boss and I wish I could have had the opportunity to work with you." 

– NN

"Julianne is an excellent listener, caring and kind, and generous with the knowledge she shares. We had some good laughs too which is very important."

– DR

"Julianne when my husband was seeing you he was the best he has been during this incredibly difficult period of our lives. You had such a positive effect on him." 

– Client’s Wife

Meditation and mindfulness helps executive with serious illness

Holding numerous medals for water skiing championships in South Africa, my client was clearly a high achiever. Now at middle management level, in a large Australian company, he came to me at the suggestion of his wife. In recent years he had undergone major surgery and multiple rounds of chemotherapy for primary and secondary cancers.

I taught my client mindfulness meditation, which we would practice together once a week, along with some coaching. It’s amazing how healing it can be to be listened by someone, completely non-judgmentally. With my guidance and support, he let go of a lot of baggage and released a lot of negative emotions.

I received an email from this remarkable man the other day. A recent scan indicated the cancer is stable and although he is still on the chemotherapy, he is feeling very positive about his life.

What is the investment?

Our pricing is very reasonable, particularly if you choose to work with us on an ongoing basis, for the best outcome. We are generous with our time and resources and confident about achieving results. Investing in your personal development to achieve success will be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Successful people surround themselves with great people who truly support them. What better person than a coach to support you 100 percent of the time?

For people experiencing financial difficulties, we do our best to make our services affordable. 

aboutus-pics-julianneYour Coach

Julianne is the Founder of Joule Life. Julianne has been coaching since 2009, after completing her coaching training at The Coaching Institute, Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about helping her clients maximize their full potential, from stay-at-home mums to doctors who want to change the world. Long interested in what drives human success, Julianne has spent many years building up an extensive knowledge on this subject. Her quest to find the answers continues to this day.  

Julianne graduated from The University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, and went on to have a highly successful international career as a marketing executive with The Coca-Cola Company, working and living in Australia, North America, Japan and Hong Kong, but still considers raising her son, now 19, as a sole parent, her greatest success.

Living near the water, Julianne loves to walk her Hungarian Viszla dog ‘Woody’ every morning along the scenic path that runs from Mosman Bay to Cremorne Point. Weekends away are invariably spent at her holiday home, with her partner, at Mollymook Beach, the relaxed South Coast vibe a perfect setting to rejuvenate one’s soul. A devotee of yoga and pilates, Julianne loves laughter and authentic conversations with family and friends over good quality coffee, food and wine. Julianne has recently returned from a life-changing trip to Europe that has infected her once again with a travel bug.


Call 9960 1119 to book your complimentary coaching session to discover how you can achieve success.

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