Coaching for success

Joule Life Coaching for individuals, executives or teams. Make your dreams a reality by clearly defining your intentions, developing positive beliefs and emotions and an action plan. Combine this with awareness over your thoughts and feelings. This is the key to success.

Coaching involves creating a vision of your life and living out the vision you have created in the present. Obstacles such as self-sabotaging beliefs and habits that don't support your goals are addressed. Brain science has now proven humans are capable of change by creating new neural pathways in our brain. At Joule Life, we can show you how to achieve this.

Joule Life Coaching is highly effective, leading you to a better life. It's helpful for all mentally healthy individuals because even the best of us have flaws and areas of resistance, best overcome with the help of someone who offers compassionate support and emotional intelligence.

Our Success Formula

Our programs are based on The Success Formula - Simply expressed, powerfully effective – your constant reminder of what it takes to be successful.


Joule Life Coaching is a wonderful journey of internal examination, leading you to become more authentic, compassionate, self-confident and successful. It's magical when you discover the power you have within, to take on any challenge big or small and know you can do it. This can be achieved in one on one or team coaching. All that is required to get started is a willingness to change.  


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