About JouleLife

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire individuals, executives and teams to transform their lives, through coaching, to achieve success. We encourage clients to believe in and be true to themselves, acting at all times with authenticity and compassion. We believe in human potential to change, grow and overcome obstacles. We  value mindfulness and meditation to develop self awareness, a necessary state to break old habits and change. We promote physical and mental health through Yoga, Pilates and Zumba, to achieve even greater success.

Coaching for success, on a personal and professional level is the backbone of our business, along with tailor made, personalized classes in Yoga, Pilates and Zumba. Our coaching clients are a diverse group of individuals, executives and teams from across Australia. Come and experience the Joule Life community for yourself by joining one of our small group classes at our beautiful sunlit environmentally sensitive studio on Spit Road, Mosman. Or we can tailor make private classes especially for you, in our studio or at your place of work.

Teachers and Coaches

aboutus-pics-julianneJulianne Hammond,
Founder and Coach

Julianne Hammond, formerly a senior executive with The Coca-Cola Company, founded Joule Life and now coaches clients to live a successful life. Julianne is motivated by a strong desire to help others and a fascination in the drivers of success, spending many years building up an extensive knowledge on this subject. She also created The Success Formula, which she applies with her clients every day, over and over again.

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pilates-Simone-Portrait-2Simone Selby

Our Pilates classes are run by experienced and highly sought after instructor Simone Selby. Simone makes all her classes educational and enjoyable. She is also a qualified Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist and Mindfulness teacher.

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aboutus-pics-jessJess Keys

My love affair with Yoga started many years ago and I realised early on that it was much more than just exercise. The union of body, mind and breath was so powerful and I knew I had to take my love affair further. In 2012 I decided to become a Yoga teacher.

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aboutus-pics-stellaxuStella Xu

With strong passion for fitness and commitment to improve the health and wellbeing of her clients, Stella has been working as a Zumba instructor over the last four years teaching for gyms, studios and privates across Sydney. With 20 years dancing experience, Stella is also a certified personal trainer. She combines fitness exercise into dancing movements to provide a perfect blast workout in Latin and international rhythm. Her Zumba class is for everyone, full of sweat, fun and energy. The movements are easy to follow, and all you need to bring is big smile, a water bottle and a towel.

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aboutus-pics-lisaLisa Coker

Lisa’s runs ‘Your Yoga’. Since giving birth to her son James in 2013 she has been specializing in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga and in 2015 completed introductory training with 'Birthing from Within'. In late 2014 Lisa launched her Postnatal Workshops series for women. These classes are held at the Joule Life studio. For more information go to www.youryoga.net.au

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aboutus-pics-magdaMagda Posch

Magda’s teaching style is based on the ancient tradition of Viniyoga, which believes that yoga should be taught as a personal practice rather than a system. As such, Magda believes it is best taught in small groups.

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aboutus-pics-julieJulie Dimond

Since becoming a certified Bikram Yoga teacher in 2003, Jules has gone on to complete Teacher Trainings at The Yoga Academy of Pune, India in 2004: MindBodyMoves Yoga for Kids in 2005; and the esteemed BodyMindLifeYoga in 2008.

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zumba-maria-2Maria Cristina Ginestra

We feel fortunate to have Maria on her team. Being a native South American, she brings authentic Latin flair to our Zumba classes. We guarantee you will leave Maria’s classes each week with a huge smile on your face.

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The Success Formula



This is a simply expressed formula, powerfully effective - your constant reminder of what it takes to be successful. You can apply this formula to Individuals, Executives and Teams. It works!


Our beautiful environmentally sensitive sunlit studio and offices are  conveniently located at 142 Spit Road, Mosman. (On the left hand side travelling north). There is plenty of nearby parking on Spit Road, Stanton Lane or neighbouring streets, including the opposite side of Spit Road.

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